Yayasan Minhajus Sunnah

About Us

Minhajus Sunnah Social and Education Foundation is a foundation that has been legally registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with the number C-34.HT.01.02.TH 2007. Its office is located in the STAI Ali bin Abi Thalib complex, Jl. Sidotopo Kidul No. 51, Surabaya.

Working to distribute aid to Muslims in the fields of religion, social, economy and education since 2003, which has spread throughout Indonesia. We always hope that Allah Ta’ala will accept the good deeds of all who participate in this work and reward them with multiple rewards. Aamiin ya robbal alamin…


To become a leading Islamic social and educational foundation in Indonesia



Fulfilling the donor’s mandate as best as possible



Disseminating donor mandates throughout Indonesia


Best Result

Striving to achieve the best results for donors and recipients



Always improve the quality and quantity of work