Yayasan Minhajus Sunnah

Mosque Construction

Minhajus Sunnah Foundation has been building mosques of various sizes since 2012 complete with carpets, sound systems, Quran copies, toilets, ablution stations and so on for Muslims in need.


Making it easier for Muslims in remote areas to worship

There is no doubt that the need for Muslims to the mosque is an urgent need, especially for those who live in remote areas of this country, besides that there are still many mosques in the archipelago that are less suitable to be used as a place of worship, either because of the old facilities, then the increasing number of worshipers so that the mosque cannot accommodate the number of worshipers and so on. Minhajus Sunnah Foundation is here to participate in helping Muslims provide a comfortable place of worship for them.

Alhamdulillah, to date we have built 450+ mosques
throughout Indonesia.

In your area need to build a mosque?
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Some of our aid projects

Map of the Mosque Construction Project that we built

Until 2024, Alhamdulillah, Minhajus Sunnah Foundation has completed more than 460 mosques throughout Indonesia and helped Muslims in Indonesia worship better and help donors gain rewards in the hereafter.

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