Yayasan Minhajus Sunnah

Education Programs

The Minhajus Sunnah Foundation has distributed various educational assistance in Indonesia such as scholarships, classroom equipment, and mukafah assistance for preachers in need since 2012.

Facilitating access to education for people in need

Minhajus Sunnah Foundation is committed to providing access to education for underprivileged individuals. Through our educational assistance programs, insyaa Allah, we enable every child to have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. With the support and donations from the community, we strive as much as possible to build a path to a brighter future for children in need in the future.

Alhamdulillah, until now we have distributed
128 Class Equipment, 50 Da’i/Preachers, 18 Education Scholarships for people in need throughout Indonesia.

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Some of our aid projects

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