Yayasan Minhajus Sunnah

Social Programs

Minhajus Sunnah Foundation has distributed various social assistance such as basic necessities, medical treatment, clothing, cash, grocery stores and others. assistance has been given to people in need since 2012.


Bringing happiness into the hearts of those in need

Minhajus Sunnah Foundation is committed to providing targeted social assistance to those who are less fortunate and in need. Through our social assistance programs such as basic necessities, medical treatment, clothing, cash, and others, we strive to improve the welfare of those in need, reduce the burden they carry a little, so that they can enjoy a life that may Allah elevate their status
in this world and in the hereafter.

Alhamdulillah, to date we have distributed 61,100+ social assistance projects to communities in need throughout Indonesia.

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Other Social Assistance Programs

Some social assistance projects distributed by the Minhajus Sunnah Foundation

Sewing Machine

A Sewing machine is one of the aids that is expected to be used as a means to earn a living.


Cash for poor families in need

Family Clothing

Clothing packages for families in need throughout Indonesia

Clothing for Orphans/Underprivileged Children

Special clothing packages for orphans or underprivileged children throughout Indonesia.


Wall fans for families who need to cool the hot/stuffy weather.


Refrigerators for storing daily food for underprivileged/needed families.

Washing machine

Washing machines make it easier for those who are less fortunate/in need to wash clothes every day.

Goat Meat Distribution

Distribution of goat meat to 30 underprivileged/needed families.

School bag

School bags and stationery supplies for orphans/underprivileged children throughout Indonesia.


Special mattresses for orphans/underprivileged children throughout Indonesi